Alex Keitel

I am a professional cellist, gambist, and musicianship and theory teacher living in San Francisco.

I grew up in Hong-Kong with an early start in music: I started playing violin at age 3, took piano for a few years, then started cello at age 6. After moving back the the united states, I attended Interlochen Arts Academy for cello. I have both Masters and Bachelor degrees in Cello Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where I studied with Jean-Michel Fonteneau for seven years. Working at SFCM allowed me to work with a rich community of musicians and internationally regarded teachers and musicians such as, Bay area cello expert Bonnie Hampton, Sadao Harada of the Tokyo String quartet, and Robert Mann, a 50 year member of the Juilliard String Quartet.

Since graduating in 2004, I have been performing and teaching in the Bay Area. I have collaborated with many Bay Area artists including composers, playwrights and choreographers. I have taught and am teaching: music composition, ear-training, harmony, counterpoint, music history and appreciation, general string playing, and private cello lessons. I have taught students of many levels, from beginning students with no musical background, to advanced students who are preparing for important auditions. It’s never too late to start! Feel free to contact me for lessons, if you are interested.

My own musical journey has recently traveled further backwards in time, specializing in the early Baroque and late Renaissance music of Europe. I have fallen deeply in love exploring the music of Marain Marais and St Colombe while exploring the wonderful harmonies and deep resonance of the Bass viol. It is really special to work with these exquisitely penned manuscripts, which I have uploaded for your viewing pleasure!